Live Webinar - Step by Step Live IP Camera-Hack Demonstration & Remediation

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In this webinar as we demonstrate the IP camera hack, you will learn:

1. Why IoT security is neglected and what risk is poses.

2. How you could demonstrate the hacking into an IP security camera, so that you could convince others (like your boss) to allocate resources to solve the problem of weak IoT security issues.

3. How to minimize IoT security breaches by using network access controls and management.

IoT devices are widespread in most organizations and include many categories such as the printer in the corridor, time attendance controllers and TV screens in the board room to name just a few. IoT also includes medical devices, manufacturing machines and other propriety use items.

All IoT devices share a few common characteristics making them vulnerable, and those vulnerabilities pose a risk to your network for a few reasons:

  • A poor level of security compared to managed OS such as windows, OSX
  • A lot of vulnerabilities do not have vendor fixes available
  • To fix vulnerabilities one must install firmware in a propriety process per device

Although IoT security forms a complex situation, there is no reason to bury your head in the sand. Join this live webinar to learn what you must do to secure connected IoT devices.  

See you soon!

Team Portnox