Gartner estimates that, over the next five years, over $1 trillion in compounded IT spending will be directly or indirectly impacted by the shift to cloud. However, despite the excitement around and rapid adoption of cloud security-as-a-service platforms, many in the IT community remain wary of the security implications tied to the use of cloud platforms and services. As a result, a number of “myths” about the security of the cloud are circulating that fail to do justice to the business and security benefits inherent in deploying cloud security solutions.

In the following White Paper, Portnox debunks some of the top cloud security myths with data from analyst groups as well as information from IT security professionals on why cloud solutions appear to be more secure than legacy, on premise solutions. Geared with the truth about these myths, IT professionals and CISOs alike can move forward with confidence into the age of digital cloud transformation that extends not only to communications, productivity and client management applications, but to security infrastructure, and network access control solutions in particular.

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